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Neatest Shtuff


Das Horn Drinking Vessel

Tired of drinking from pint glasses, flasks, or heaven forbid gold chalices? Try the DAS HORN drinking...

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Stainless Steel Comb

Chicago Comb Co. was founded on the principle that everyday objects should also be enduring works of sculpture and...

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Formula One Office Chair

Now this is how you manage those long days at the office dealing with TPS reports day in and day out - a...

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Toydozer Toy Clean Up Set

Kids LOVE toys that come in a gazillion little pieces (toys such as LEGO, LEGO Friends, LEGO Duplo, Mega Bloks,...

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Wiener Dog Oil & Vinegar Set

You’ve got to be kidding me…oh well…read on… Why dress your salad with a humdrum cruet...

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Quotes & Quips Bandages

Ouch! Quotes & Quips Bandages Collection will heal your ‘boo-boo’s and offer just as much...

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Bacon Frying Press

Even the best cut bacon can curl, making it difficult to cook evenly. The cast iron bacon frying press flattens...

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Tub Spout Thermometer

Protect your children two ways in the tub - water temperature and knocking into the faucet… The 4moms...

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Car Butler Wood Hanger

Bro! You gotta get this if you plan to ever wear a suit or jacket! The Car Butler Wood Hanger allows you to...

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The Original Pink Box Tool Box

The Original Pink Box, known for being the first line of pink tool boxes and garage storage solutions in the North...

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Go F Yourself Lanyard

Look closely. Little closer. Keep looking. Not just a lanyard…but a Go F* Yourself lanyard. Keys, ID,...

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Daddy Builder Diaper Bag

Tough and dirty jobs need the toughest in tools and equipment! Designed to look like a work bag Daddy might use,...

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Full Size Wall Mural

Give your room an accent wall overlooking exciting new terrain, tropical beaches, flowered meadows, or just fun....

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Green Army Men Candles

These green army men candles are a perfect addition to your child’s birthday cake or cupcake. There are 5...

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HAPIfork Bluetooth Smart Fork

The HAPIfork Bluetooth Smart Fork is the world’s first smart fork that coaches you into healthier eating...

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Desktop Comfort Meter

Too hot? Too cold? Too humid? Too dry? One glance tells it all with simple and clear information. This...

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Blooming Baby Bath

The Blooming Baby Bath is the best way to give your baby a bath. As a great alternative to traditional infant...

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Trongs are multi-purpose utensils designed to stand like tri-pods, so they are easy to pick up and put back down....

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Desktop Punching Ball

The Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball relieves frustration! Take your anger out on this red desktop punching...

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3D Golf Swing Analyzer

The Golf Sense Revolutionary 3D Golf Swing Analyzer is the first personal 3D golf sensor that provides instant...

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Sunnyside Egg Mold

Sunnyside is the cutest way to eat an egg! Pop the egg white into the cloud area and the yolk into the sun and...

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Touchscreen Wireless Router

Almond is a revolutionary device that brings touch to wireless routers to make it the first touchscreen wireless...

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360 Degree Drill Attachment

The Milescraft Orbiter 360 Degree Drill Attachment has a unique design which allows you to reach tough spots,...

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Wishbone 3 in 1 Children’s Bike

Is it a bike, a trike, or sort of both? Unlike any other running bikes, the Wishbone bike evolves with a...

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Pumpkin Tap Kit

Pay proper homage to the most splendid season of all by featuring a pumpkin keg at your fall fiestas! This pumpkin...

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LEGO iPhone Case

The LEGO iPhone case is designed to protect the buttons on the sides of your iPhone 5, while keeping the ports and...

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Wrenchware Cutlery Set

Present your favorite handyman with his own specialized dining “tools!” Drop-forged stainless steel...

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Tab Notebook

It’s better than your average notebook because the tabs stand out. Now why didn’t anybody think of...

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Super Villain Chair

“No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!” - Goldfinger Got a hankering to be a super villain?...

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Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

Meet Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm quiets down...

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Bacon Soap

Sniff, sniff…hmmmmm….smells real nice…. It’s a sunny Sunday morning and you wake up to the...

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Fully Adjustable Mouse

Take the lead and lose the wire with the top-of-the-range Mad Catz R.A.T. 9 Wireless Fully Adjustable Mouse. The...

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Zuo Pulsar Ceiling Lamp

Wow! The Zuo Pulsar ceiling lamp is a stellar design from out of this world. The lamp is made from chrome and has...

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Rotating Electrical Outlet

It’s about time somebody came to the market with this product! The 360 Electrical 36010-W rotating...

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Lexon Loop Watch

All purpose analog watch - 3 in 1 concept : jean’s loop, hand bag or wrist watch! Another ingenious...

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All-Terrain Skateboard

Hang on!!!! The Rockboard Descender is an all-terrain skateboard ready to tear up any surface that stands in your...

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Mobile Device Laser Keyboard

The ‘projection keyboard’ is made possible through the incorporation of the 3D Electronic Perception...

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Gyrowinder Watch Winder

The Döttling Gyrowinder is a one-of-a-kind work of engineering art. The high-precision instrument is the first to...

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Edge Sink Rest Brush

Joseph Joseph’s Edge Sink Rest Brush design is taken to new levels of practicality and convenience with this...

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Halloween Pumpkin Appendages

We’re starting off October the right way here at Neatshtuff! Help your pumpkins reach out and touch someone...

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.50 Caliber Bullet Knife

Finally, a knife that goes ballistic! The .50 BMG is the preferred sniper rifle ammo. Now salute the .50 caliber...

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Organ Transplant Lunch Tote

Your co-workers won’t be swiping your sandwich anymore when you bring your lunch in this handy tote! The...

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Furry Feet Slippers

Wake up in the morning and start off with a surprising adventure! Just plop these furry feet slippers on your feet...

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Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker

Never stop moving with Fitbit Flex. Wear this slim, stylish device all the time and get the motivation you need to...

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BACtrack iPhone Breathalyzer

The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer is the world’s first breathalyzer that connects to your iPhone wirelessly...

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Random Crap Storage Tin

This handy tin storage box is a keeper. Part of the Blue Q series of vintage-inspired tin boxes, the construction...

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Bathroom Guest Book

Ordinary guest books too often lack humor and verve - so Knock Knock invented their own. This elegant yet...

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DialSpeed Electronic Padlock

Master Lock has launched the 1500eDBX DialSpeed Electronic Padlock, a portable electronic combination lock. The...

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Gerber Tactical Pen

What the hell is a tactical pen, and why would you ever need one? Danger has a way of presenting itself when you...

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Machined Aluminum Dice

Roll them bones!! These two (2) machined precision dice are made from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized the...

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PocketBands Wrist Band

You need a key, but don’t want to be held back by carrying the whole set. Now, if only you had a good place to...

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Nostalgic Edison Bulbs

The options are limitless when it comes to Bulbrite’s Nostalgic Edison Bulbs Collection. These handcrafted,...

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Money Soap

Delightfully scented bar of soap has a surprise in the center-cold cash! Once the money soap wears down, you...

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Smartphone Portable Backup Battery

The Photive portable Power Bank is the perfect companion for your cell phone, smartphone, eBook, PDA, iPhone,...

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Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

These Endurance Stainless Steel Wine Glasses are beautiful for serving red or white wine, and they keep white wine...

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Hiplok Wearable Bike Lock

The Hiplok wearable bike lock is the world’s first bicycle lock developed specifically to be worn on the...

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Leef Bridge Dual USB Flash Drive

The first of its kind, the Leef Bridge dual USB flash drive was designed to span the gap between people and...

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12 Gauge Shot Glasses

A shot glass with a bang! Each pack is loaded with four red 12 gauge shot glasses worthy of any pump action shot...

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Cheese Spaghetti Measurer

Mama mia!! This cheese spaghetti measurer is one of those items you can’t believe you ever lived without....

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Table Top Sofa Tray

This Couchmaid table top sofa tray is great for those of you who like to enjoy a nice cold beer while watching...

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LUMOback Posture Sensor

Sit better and stand taller. Good posture starts with the lower back, and that’s the focus with the LUMOback...

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Undercover Tablet Sleeve

Undercover Tablet Sleeve for iPad, Xoom, Sony S1, and the Galaxy Tab is a great shabby chic item for your tablet....

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Kitticraft Calabash Cat Bed

Inspired by the dried, hollowed out fruit of the Calabash vine; the Calabash cat bed is KittiCraft’s™ flagship...

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Owl Contact Lens Case

Give a HOOT about your contacts! This adorable wide eyed owl contact lens case is guaranteed to keep an eye on...

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Camping Pot Thermoelectric Generator

The PowerPot is a lightweight camping pot thermoelectric generator that converts heat into DC electrical power....

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Sharpener Pen & Pencil Holder

Yes, that’s right, it’s a GIANT pencil sharpener. Or is it a regular sized pen and pencil holder?...

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Giant Champagne Cork Table

Cool. Versatile. Organic. Check out the high-concept furniture designed after a ‘Grand Vin de...

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Adjustable Bread Keeper

Finally a way to reliably keep bread fresh. Keep bread, bagels, muffins, and other baked good fresh longer with...

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Lipstick Kiss Rubber Stamp

Whether you love card making or fancy jazzing up some envelopes and gift wrap, this Lipstick Kiss Rubber Stamp...

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Cookie Stamp Set

Before you bake your patch of delicious cookies, send a message with the Suck Uk “Cookie Stamp Set“....

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iPhone Mobile TV Receiver

From the Manufacturer The Dyle mobile TV Receiver transforms your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, or iPad...

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More Crap Storage Boxes

With storage boxes as sturdy and attractive as these, there’s no need to actually BE organized. Just gather...

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iPhone 5 Slim USB Charge Card

A charging cable for your iPhone 5, portable enough for you to always have it on you. The ChargeCard fits...

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Sandwich Lunch Box Design

Shopping for BACK TO SCHOOL? Incredibly realistic looking sandwich with lunch meat, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce...

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35mm Film to Digital Image Converter

Rediscover your long-lost slides and 35mm film negatives with DB-Tech’s digital image converter. The...

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Heavyweight Tape Dispenser

This is a real man’s tape dispenser! Someone got tired of using tape dispensers that didn’t work....

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Knork Fork and Knife Combo

Experience the Knork difference. Knork allows the user to cut into food using a simple rocking motion. The outer...

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Syringe Highlighters

“This patient needs 20cc of morphine in a 24hr drip, and I need a big yellow syringe looking highlighter...

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Sneaker Washer and Dryer Bag

Give your sneakers and other fabric shoes the benefit of a clean sweep with this all-in-one Sneaker Washer and...

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WeMo Wifi Light Switch

From the Manufacturer Turn your home lighting on or off from anywhere using your Android smartphone, iPhone,...

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SHAGS Shaggy Bean Bags

These are the coolest shaggy bean bags we’ve ever seen. And they are ohh so comfortable…WOW!! SHAGS...

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Calf and Half Creamer Pitcher

Haha - UDDERS!!!! This is what it is, a creamer pitcher with an udder shaped inner glass...

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Portable Balls Nightlight

Change the way your kids view bedtime with the Boon GLO Nightlight with Portable Balls. This interactive...

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Dog Quack Muzzle

Duck, Duck…Dog? Material: 100% environmentally friendly silica gel. Suitable dogs: Poodle, Dachshunds etc....

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Hole Saw Plug Ejector

The Plug Ejector - Anyone who has ever used a hole saw knows how difficult and time consuming the process of...

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Water Powered Clock

The best way to go green is by just adding water! The Water Powered Clock in this bottle shape requires you to...

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Wooden Bulb Lamp

Another something fun from Suck UK… Look! It’s a bulb, but not as you know it…This clever,...

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Nambe Scoop Server

When you serve your guests with this modern, two-tiered piece in metal alloy, you’re also serving up a...

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Video Recording Sunglasses

Pivothead’s Video Recording Eyewear puts the camera where your eyes are. With this technology you can...

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Sumo Wrestler Table

Add a touch of the Far East with Basho (Japanese for “tournament”), a traditional Sumo wrestler of one...

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Old School iPhone Case

Who needs an Otter case when you can dress your iPhone 5 up as a hard drive, a Nintendo Gameboy, or an old style...

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Cutting Board and Colander Combo

The Joseph Joseph Rinse and Chop Plus is the latest version of this hugely popular, folding cutting board,...

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Mega Bulb Glass Pendant

The Mega Bulb Pendant, designed by Sofie Refer and manufactured by &Tradition (And Tradition), features...

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Attending a special event? Then make a nerd look good! Be the talk of the party with these computerized...

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Mermaid Swim Fin

Let your child become a mermaid in your backyard pool! Recreational Monofin Adjustable Velcro strap for safe and...

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Floating Cork Knife

From the Manufacturer “It Floats” says it all. A great balance between function and utility, this...

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Waterfall Rainfall Shower Head

Feel like showing under the power of a waterfall or in the peacefulness of rainstorm? The Aquavolo duetto...

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Warplane Ceiling Fan

Bring a little aviation-inspired magic home with help from Craftmade’s WB3448TS Tiger Shark Warplane ceiling...

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Clear Bottle Garland

A unique decorative feature for your home sure to catch the eye of any visitor: Bottle Garland is 6 feet long and...

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“Say I Love You” Pillowcases

Let your pillow talk be your pillow talk with these “Say I Love You” pillowcases. Whether you are...

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Emergency Mustache Pack

Ever need to find a disguise at short notice? Maybe having recently broken out of jail, or bumped into an old...

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Scanadu Health Scanner

Imagine the tools of an emergency room from the comfort of your living room. Coming soon from Scanadu - a...

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